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Aug. 18th, 2009

...That man... that strange little human's smell is gone.

Was he already killed?  Pity.  As wrong as he was, he was still amusing.  Certainly knew how to crawl with his belly on the ground before a god to earn favor. 

1st dream aftermath

I believe I may be afflicted with something similar as the villagers. At the least, there is a recorded entry on my device I do not recall having made.

Honestly, what on Erion gave you the idea of using the blasted thing

It appears to be limited to only that so far, as unlike the people of Dorino, I still posses my short-term memory.
With every passing day, I find myself amazed by those who inhabit this world. They recognize the greater good, and they live for that rather than for their individual lives.

While they are not flawless (still possessing capacity for violence unrelated to survival), their flaws do not dominate them, and I believe they can be negated.

But yet they exist in a failing world that deteriorates independently of them. What a waste...

Commander, if you are able to witness this statement, please respond.


Geez, is everyone getting stupid or what?

While you were sleeping...

...cannot believe I'm stuck to her side even at this hour... at least I could return to my place of rest back in Erion....

...but I must say, I never thought that poor knight would follow me all the way here... though perhaps 'tis for the best...


Such an ordeal! I was trapped in darkness for such a long time. Well, I don't really know how long we were trapped there. Prier and Cyrus were there, as well. I guess they're from different worlds from each other, but neither is from my world, and neither is from this world? It's all so complicated. I think we all started to go a little crazy in that darkness. Cyrus said some really disturbing things.

Still, it wasn't all bad. Somehow, in that emptiness I found the Gun del Sol! Now that I have my weapon, and I'm free from that place, I feel like I may be able to find my way home. Even if nothing in this world makes sense, I feel like I can find my way through it.

Jul. 26th, 2009

What an aggravating human.

So easy to hear his intentions in his words... they barely had to be half-spoken.

The lizards that walk on two legs... they might make substantial prey.  I haven't the strength to hunt the small, stupid game in the area.

Jul. 25th, 2009

How does she know such things about me? Has Jupiter spoken to her? If that is so, we must have words later.

[[Unintentional Post]]


I... should not be sentient any longer.  Where... is this what becomes of a god after its death...?

...My body... my body still aches, is still weak... the scent here... is not of the Forest Spirit.  He is not here... I must be in hell.

Shelter... I must seek shelter...

[Filtered from notanobject]

So, there is another from my world who has been pulled into this situation. As my fortune would have it, 'tis the last person I was expecting to see.

...Well, that is incorrect; Lord Brigan is the last person I was expecting to see here, though for a completely different reason than he.

Will you cease your prattling for a moment?

Still, he seems willing to join forces with me, though he is obviously unfamiliar with the concept of working with others. Perhaps this is why he serves the Vanir no longer?

No matter. Now that I have repaid my debt, I can seek out the others, in the event that the farmer was correct in identifying those travelers. Cyrus, Prier, Falsetto, if you can read these lines, please let me know where you are.


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